Makeup - It can hurt your beauty in the long run!

Ladies, I know how much you love your makeup! The truth is there are some silent killers in the makeup you might be using. The good news is, there ARE alternatives! I just watched an old Dr. Oz show that I had in my DvR & never watched until today. Boy, am I glad I watched it today! Here are some things you should know:

The FDA does not approve makeup before it hits the shelf.

The scary part is cosmetic companies are not legally obligated to list harmful byproducts that may occur during manufacturing.

The cosmetic industry requires no guidelines for terms such as "natural," organic," or "hypoallergenic," so don't be fooled! The terms they use can mean anything they want them to mean.

Makeup puts us in contact with about 126 chemicals daily and many of them have not been tested.

SO, Here are the 3 beauty products Dr. Oz wants you to avoid. I also explained why you need to avoid it AND listed the alternatives that Dr. Oz suggested!

Most Deadly
1.Avoid: Mineral Powder.
Why: Can scar your lungs, causes inflammation and possible Fibrosis.
Alternatives: Liquid Based foundation with shimmer
Cream blush or bronzer
Pressed powder

2. Avoid: Anti-wrinkle creams
Why: Penetrates the skin quickly, goes down into the blood vessels & can cause inflammation and allergies. It can also cause collagen breakdown and more wrinkles.*dont believe any claims that are "botox-like" or claims to be Instant wrinkle remover*
Alternative: The most effective anti-wrinkle cream will be fragrance free, color free and will have the right supplements: Vitamin A (Retinol), Vitamin C and Alpha Hydroxy Acid.

3. Avoid: Lipgloss
Why: Comes from petroleum jelly, which is like drinking gasoline! Scary, isn't it!When it goes on your lips, it's absorbed and it's like your actually eating it. Could cause cancer depending on whether it's pure or not, who knows if it's pure!
Alternatives: Look for gloss with Zinc Oxide, Try gloss made from beeswax, and wear sunscreen on your lips before applying any lipgloss.

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