We're back!! Reps & Protein

I know it's been forever since we have posted here on Healthy You. But now we're back and ready to inform you on great health issues that will help you in becoming healthy and strong for long.

One thing I'd like to talk about now is the importance of HOW to do excercise. When you work out a certain part of your body, for example legs: Do about 3 10-15 repetitions to start. Meaning do 10 leg lifts, take a 45-60 sec break, Do 10 more, take a break...and so on.

After a work out, make sure you digest some protein (Protein shake or Bar) I prefer a tasty protein shake from the gym, but if you can make your own, that's fine too, this way your muscles won't be killing you the next day! Protein also fills you up enough, so that you won't be hungry. Therefore, promoting weight loss!

Have a Healthy & Happy Day.....I hope this info helps you to become healthier!

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